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tiffany suydamA classmate and I had to do an errand today during school. While we were in the store a super nice lady started talking to us. She asked where we went to school and we told her.

We asked her if she had any kids that went to school around the area. She proceeded to tell us about her 15-year-old son she lost almost a year ago who went to Medomak. She started sobbing and crying while we were standing in the aisle.

My friend and I told her our class and school will be praying for her, and as soon as we told her that she began to cry even more. By the end of our conversation she hugged us both and said she doesn't know why or how we were sent to her today.

But it was one of those days she didn't think she could get through, and our being there completely turned her day around. She told us there aren't many girls our age who would talk to a complete stranger and help her in the way we did.

It totally made my day! You never know what each day is going to bring. And you also never know how just a simple "I'm praying for you" and a hug can help someone get through their day. I know it was no mistake that we crossed paths today.

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