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Pamela Townsend is making scripts of her plays available for purchase through Amazon. Follow the associated links below to access information directly from

The Tapestry

Amazon Play Tapestry CoverIn 1941, young Ellie O'Brien faces a devastating betrayal by the one she loves most. In the aftermath, she comes to doubt everything she has been raised to believe. If God is real, why would He allow her to suffer so deeply and undeservedly?

But years later, when her granddaughter Cassie faces heartbreak, Ellie is able to use the hard-won lessons of her own youth to help her grandchild see that God is always at work—even in our greatest struggles and trials. He is always good and He always does good. In this moving drama, Ellie and Cassie's lives are interwoven like an elaborate tapestry.


Once Upon a Genre

Amazon Play Genre CoverWhat happens when characters from your favorite fairy tales (and their children) find themselves trapped in other genres? This hilariously silly play answers that question.


Other plays from Pam will be published in the future!

Pamela Townsend is a teacher and director who turned to writing plays in order to provide quality material for her student actors. She publishes in the hope that other harried directors may also be able to make use of her work.