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Here is a report of recent actions and discussion by the school board.

Board Meeting June 5, 2017


Valerie, Jim, Ryan, Doug (Chuck, Naomi)

6:55 Prayer

Min from May meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer report was read and accepted.

Mr. House gave the principal report. All 3 graduations went well overall.

Mr. House has been working on updating the teacher handbook, hopes to have it ready by September.

Discussion about the Gym- Mr. House asked the board to take over the fundraising efforts over the


There will be a special meeting with the Gym committee on 6/15/17. Mr. Wood will contact people for a

work day.

The board is still looking for someone to write grants for the School!

Meeting adjourned 9:45pm

Board Meeting 4/3/17

Board Report

Valerie, Doug, Ryan, Breck, Jim (Chuck, Naomi)

6:05 Opening Prayer

Secretary and Treasurers report were read and accepted

Mr. House gave the Principal’s report

Mr. House and the teachers have discussed and agree that it is unnecessary to do the Standardized Testing more than once every 2 years. The Board agreed with their recommendation and made a policy change which includes revisiting it in four years.

Music: CCS welcomes Misty Cole weekly for Grades K-4 as a result of an anonymous donation.

Computer: The Computer lab needs to be updated; we will start by adding Windows 365 (if compatible with our current PC’s) The need to invest in new equipment is clear and a “wish list” will be created and added to the “Ways to Help” section on the website.

Fundraising Discussion: The Board will have opportunity to have a one-time free consult by a professional nonprofit fundraiser by a Christian consultant. The Board discussed more in depth, various fundraising ideas, and that fundraising is more for short term goals like the Gym and Gym Floor. We need to find ways to increase our General Fund in order to raise salaries for the teachers.

Meeting adjourned 8:55

Board Meeting 3/6/2017

Valerie, Ryan, Breck, Jim (Chuck, Naomi)

6:30 Opened with Prayer

Minutes from February meeting were read and accepted.

Financial Report was read and accepted. The board has decided to ask parents to sign a form stating that they are still responsible for payment in the event of withdrawal or expulsion, as well as the tuition payment being due on the 1st of each month, at the beginning of each school year. We will also advertise that there is more than one payment plan option (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Mr. House gave the Principal Report as well as the teacher’s evaluations. We are still in need of a full time HS teacher to take over Math/Science and a Spanish teacher.

New sign is finished, but we will wait to put it up until the snow and ice are gone and there is no more danger of the Plow truck hitting it.

Discussion about whether to lock the front door after School is in session.

The board discussed various fundraising ideas.

There have been concerns from parents about after banquet activities, but the board has no control over what the students do after. Ultimately it is up to parents to decide where their kids go after the banquet.

Next meeting: April 3rd 2017

Adjourned 8:55

Board Report - 2/17/2017

6:30 Opened in Prayer

6:50 Mr. House gave the Headmaster Report, new students are doing well, the overall environment in the school is very positive.

Security cameras have been installed and the board has decided to increase the level of security by locking the doors at 8:15 and adding a door bell.

Chuck reported on the Senior Class trip and has discussed the expectations and responsibilities of Students as well as chaperones.

We are still in need of a 6th grade teacher for next year and a High School Math & Science teacher.

The board has decided to start a “Ways to help” section on the website, which would include “Sponsor a Student”, “Benevolence Fund for Teachers”, etc.

It was decided to meet the 1st Monday of each months and then if necessary the 3rd Monday as well. The 1st will be for general business and the finances, the 3rd will be for interviews of potential board members and special business.

The Mexico Trip account will be closed and added to the Teacher’s Benevolence Fund, while the College Fair Fund account will remain in place, in hopes of someone with the passion needed to get the fair going again.

The board discussed the finances of the school and outstanding tuition.

Meeting adjourned 10:00PM

Board Report Jan 9, 2017

6:45 The Board interviewed a potential new Board Member, they will pray before making a decision.

7:30-8:30 Headmaster evaluation: The teachers feel the transition has gone well and appreciate the work Mr. House is doing. They feel like Mr. House is genuinely interested in the students, as well as parents and teachers, and has the best for the School in mind. Some improvements were discussed, as far as communication, which has been a problem due to the staff shortage this year.

8:30 Treasurers report was read and accepted. The Board had discussion about some families being behind and what steps need to be taken.

10:10 Meeting was adjourned