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Board Meeting 3/6/2017

Valerie, Ryan, Breck, Jim (Chuck, Naomi)

6:30 Opened with Prayer

Minutes from February meeting were read and accepted.

Financial Report was read and accepted. The board has decided to ask parents to sign a form stating that they are still responsible for payment in the event of withdrawal or expulsion, as well as the tuition payment being due on the 1st of each month, at the beginning of each school year. We will also advertise that there is more than one payment plan option (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Mr. House gave the Principal Report as well as the teacher’s evaluations. We are still in need of a full time HS teacher to take over Math/Science and a Spanish teacher.

New sign is finished, but we will wait to put it up until the snow and ice are gone and there is no more danger of the Plow truck hitting it.

Discussion about whether to lock the front door after School is in session.

The board discussed various fundraising ideas.

There have been concerns from parents about after banquet activities, but the board has no control over what the students do after. Ultimately it is up to parents to decide where their kids go after the banquet.

Next meeting: April 3rd 2017

Adjourned 8:55