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Board Meeting 4/3/17

Board Report

Valerie, Doug, Ryan, Breck, Jim (Chuck, Naomi)

6:05 Opening Prayer

Secretary and Treasurers report were read and accepted

Mr. House gave the Principal’s report

Mr. House and the teachers have discussed and agree that it is unnecessary to do the Standardized Testing more than once every 2 years. The Board agreed with their recommendation and made a policy change which includes revisiting it in four years.

Music: CCS welcomes Misty Cole weekly for Grades K-4 as a result of an anonymous donation.

Computer: The Computer lab needs to be updated; we will start by adding Windows 365 (if compatible with our current PC’s) The need to invest in new equipment is clear and a “wish list” will be created and added to the “Ways to Help” section on the website.

Fundraising Discussion: The Board will have opportunity to have a one-time free consult by a professional nonprofit fundraiser by a Christian consultant. The Board discussed more in depth, various fundraising ideas, and that fundraising is more for short term goals like the Gym and Gym Floor. We need to find ways to increase our General Fund in order to raise salaries for the teachers.

Meeting adjourned 8:55