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The Coastal Christian School Rams soccer team completed its 2010 season with a 12-1 record. The co-ed team, comprised of 25 8th–12th grade students, finished its second season in the Maine Christian School Sports game For the second year, the Rams traveled to Augusta to play in the Championship Game.

The team verse, 1 Corinthians 10:31, set the stage for all that transpired on and off the soccer field. Players worked to improve and perfect their soccer skills and to live out their faith as they did so, doing all for the glory of God.

Congratulations to each member of the team:

  • Seniors: Natalia Fiallo, Peter Ochoa, and Ethan Townsend
  • Juniors: Jonah Cronkhite (captain), Tony Lombardo, Caleb McLaughlin, Christa Sorterup (captain), and Mason Vermilion
  • Sophomores: Matt Brown, Lydia Brown, Logan Robitaille, Harry Stred, Dillon Theriault, and Cody Weaver
  • Freshmen: Nate Fisher, Jubal Gilbert, Sean Hughes, Vinny Lombardo, Emma Sorterup, Josh Tracey, and Alyssa Wood
  • Eighth Graders: Cameron Allen, Jamie Lovley, Walker Reed, and Boone Wood

team picture soccer 2010