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• Excelling in Education
• Bringing Glory to God
• Serving Christ in the World

At Coastal Christian Sschool, every subject is integrated with Biblical truth, and the faculty's sincere desire is that the children acknowledge the claim their Creator has on their lives, knowing that it is only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that the students can gain the wisdom necessary to meet the requirements of life.

New Here?

If you are new to this area, or are just beginning to look for a private Christian school, please stop by or contact us to tell us about yourself and your connection to our community.

How Can We Help?

We would love to see you and answer your questions about how Coastal Christian School can meet the requirements of education for your family. We can provide materials and an opportunity for you to meet the faculty.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is God’s superintended, inerrant Word to us. It is accurate, authoritative, and applicable to our everyday lives. That Word teaches us how Jesus Christ, who was fully God and fully man, shed His blood to ransom us from the penalty of sin. When we turn toward God, place our faith in Jesus Christ, and accept His free gift of life, we will one day experience resurrection to life like His Resurrection. See our full Statement of Faith.

At Coastal Christian School, Our Heart of Education is Education of the Heart

The school affirms the inerrancy of Scripture, an orthodox statement of Biblical faith, and a non-denominational character. Education is the pursuit of truth and that truth may be fully comprehended in the revealed Word of God.

Clover Flanagan and the Case of the Misplaced Heiress

The Entire Play of Clover Flanagan and the Case of the Misplaced Heiress (2023)

Heiress Philomena Marlowe is missing. Can Clover Flanagan and her plucky assistant Pepper find her or will her inept brother Fergus ensure that the lost heiress stays lost?

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