Following in His Footsteps

In the elementary grades of CCS, the curriculum focuses on acquiring and mastering the basic skills of reading, language, and mathematics. With a strong emphasis on phonics in the earliest grades, the children are taught the word-attack skills that enable them to decode unfamiliar words and to read with fluency and understanding. Our NCTM-endorsed math program includes sequential math fact mastery drills, encouraging facility with the use of logarithms and accuracy in applying math to problem-solving situations.

Each school day begins with Bible instruction, since we believe that it contains God's complete revelation of Himself. Because it is the inspired Word of the Creator, it provides the wisdom to appropriately interpret all of creation and every field of knowledge. In the various areas of Language Arts, the students sharpen their skills with composition, spelling, and grammar, learning to use language to communicate easily with others. Our study of Science is based upon our conviction that God is our Creator, and that every aspect of the natural world is designed to reveal an aspect of His splendor and majesty.

History is presented in a way that reveals the sovereignty of God over the affairs of man. Health instruction focuses on helping our children glorify God with the proper stewardship of the bodies He has given them, in order to serve Him more efficiently and effectively. Music activities include the preparation and presentation of vocal pieces in the weekly chapels and our annual school Christmas program. Art is taught once per week, with the purpose of helping the children develop an awareness of form, texture, shape, and symmetry in art, especially as it reflects the beauty and character of God.

The small class size gives opportunity to meet a variety of learning needs within each class. Students feel the safety of the welcoming, secure environment, and therefore tend to respond with confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. The children are taught to develop their social and relational skills in a way that is in harmony with the principles of God's Word, esteeming others and caring for others' needs.