Following in His Footsteps

Forms required for admission must be obtained from the school office. These must be completed along with the Statement to Parents. A parent's signature on this statement affirms a willingness to support all school policies. Parents should familiarize themselves with this handbook before signing it. A signed Record Release Form, authorizing the release of student records from former schools, is also required. A one-time-per-family non-refundable fee of thirty-five dollars must accompany the first application.

K through 8 applicants are screened and recommended for placement by the prospective teacher and the department head. Students completing CCS Eighth Grade are admitted directly to high school. Others may be offered conditional enrollment for a period not to exceed one semester upon recommendations of the department head and teacher. Such students must compose an essay clearly stating their reasons for seeking admission.

Written recommendations from a pastor, former educator, and one other source must also be provided. During their first semester, conditionally enrolled students must obtain positive recommendations from each of their teachers for full approval. No student lacking such approval may remain at the school longer than one semester. Final authority for all admissions rests with the Board of Directors.

Please contact the school office for tuition and fee schedules.